December 4, 2016

Hi Anita,

I wanted to compliment you again on the very successful brunch that we enjoyed today.
I only have positive thoughts about our get together…from the first time we sat down to discuss the brunch up to and including this morning.
You are a pleasure to work with, you are so easy going, professional, helpful, no detail was too big or too small for you and everything that we asked to be done was done with a smile.
Your suggestions were invaluable to us.
Everything was perfect today, we were so pleased…from the set up of the room and the buffet table to the warmth and kindness of you and your staff and of course to the absolutely delicious food.

Not only were we delighted with how everything tasted but our guests were thrilled as well.
Thank you!

Valerie David

September 2016

Hi Anita,
Thank you for a wonderful lunch. My staff loved it!
Delivery was smooth and timely.
All the best,

Shayna Kulman-Lipsey M.S.W., R.S.W.
Manager of Counselling Services, OHPSA
University of Toronto, FitzGerald Building

January 4, 2016

Thanks so much for your and DANI’s help with the post-wedding breakfast my co-workers and I put on for our boss, Paula Bisk. Everything was perfect. It seems that the unexpected addition of the baked french toast (your inspired suggestion!) was the hit of the morning.

DANI does a tremendous service to the community by providing kosher catering and event space at a reasonable cost. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I look forward to the next time I can call on DANI to help. Meanwhile, I am telling everyone I know that DANI is the place to call for catering.

Wishing you and DANI continued success.

Deb Berman

December 2015

I’ve seen the passion and spirit every day I walked into DANI. It really inspires me to continue pursuing my career with the same approach. DANI is a prime example of how organizations should service individuals with special needs. You’ve shined a brighten light in this field of work.

I wish the best of luck to DANI as a whole, from the staff to clients, and their families.

Alondra Garcia


November 11, 2014

This letter provides an update on our son’s transition from a Toronto District School Board secondary school for students with special needs to the DANI Day Program. Alex is now 21 years old and began attending the DANI Day Program in September of this year. Our goals for Alex are to develop vocational skills that will lead to a fulfilling life, with as much independence as possible.
Alex’s last year of secondary school was difficult, as Alex was well aware that he was coming up to a big change in his routine, and he was anxious. We, his parents, had been planning for this transition as best we could. Alex has been attending several DANI extracurricular programs on a weekly basis for many years, taking part in a variety of activities and community outings and developing bonds with the staff and participants. Alex enjoys attending all of the DANI programs, and importantly, feels safe and comfortable with the staff. While Alex may not be able to express this, given his limited vocabulary, his behaviour and mood tell us that he is happy and relaxed at DANI. Given his comfort level and familiarity with DANI, and experience of the staff, we felt confident that the transition would be smooth.
The program at DANI offers Alex many skill building opportunities – skills that will offer him the best chance at a meaningful and fulfilling life. After initial goal-setting meetings with DANI staff, a program was put in place to maximize learning opportunities for Alex in a supported environment. In addition to science, literacy and drama classes, what has become his favourite part of the program are his work placements. One day, his supervising caseworker texted us a picture of Alex working at a local restaurant where he prepares the cutlery for the day. He was grinning from ear to ear in this picture and we were elated! It is reported that he is happiest at his work placements and shows an incredible amount of concentration and pride in his work. Other work placements include a local food bank, a sports equipment factory and DANI’s own catering business.
We are overjoyed that Alex has taken so well to his work placements and is proud of his work. He is learning vocational skills, social skills, improved literacy and coping skills. Of course, Alex has many challenges to deal with – limited verbal skills, his need for a very structured and orderly environment and his lack of social skills. However, the staff at DANI forges ahead, believing in his abilities and building on his strengths in appropriate settings. In a supported way, Alex is being given many opportunities to learn about himself and what he is capable of, particularly what kind of work environments will be a good fit for him. For this we are grateful and hopeful about his future.

Leslie and Howard Warren