Supportive Environment

Our Supported Employment Program (SEP) offers employees an environment that celebrates each individual’s strengths. The employees work with staff who will challenge them to succeed, while also listening carefully to their concerns. Supervisors offer support to develop personal and vocational skills that may lead to employment opportunities. The adults are an integral voice in the partnership that works toward their successes.

Removing Barriers

The Supported Employment Program (SEP) seeks to remove barriers to employment and works towards a successful vocational experience. Job descriptions are matched with  strengths and goals of the adult, and a creative approach is used to accommodate each individual. Using a person-centered approach proves most successful for the accomplishments of our adults.

DANI Community

The Supported Employment Program (SEP) offers opportunities for each employee to enhance their connection and position in society. As part of the DANI community, the employees have access to the growing number of partners of the organization. Individuals in the Supported Employment Program share and take great pride in their successes as well as DANI’s accomplishments.


Jordan Goldman
Supported Employment Program Lead

Jordan oversees the staff and programming delivered by our staff team in our Day Program and evening recreational programs, as well as liaising and communicating with families. Jordan’s patience and open-minded approach to problem-solving, as well as his commitment to a strengths-based model, enables the staff team to deliver creative and innovative programming.