Adult Day Programs at DANI

Our day program for adults with disabilities is focused on building new skills, while assisting with transition to adulthood. Components of the day program complement the interests and strengths of each participant. Computer, social, vocational and life skills are emphasized. The arts, music and drama are studied and enjoyed. Journalism, book study and literacy are important elements of the program.

Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning is infused into all aspects of our day program. Our committed and devoted staff continuously works with the adults, families and caregivers to develop a specific, outcome-directed curriculum for each participant, with goals reviewed twice a year.

What are the Program Components?

Community & Vocational Programs

These programs improve the quality of our participants' lives and encourage them to take an active role in the community, by giving them vocational options in a host of settings.


Education is our top priority! We provide classes on a wide range of subjects, including programs unique to DANI, like literacy and journalism.

Active Living & Recreation Programs

We know how important it is to keep our participants active. They can choose from a variety of activities like swimming, yoga, hiking, board games and more. 

Fine Arts Programs

Our participants love getting creative. Each year we host two public events that showcase our participants’ talents: a captivating theatre production and an amazing art show.

Life Skills

Life skills are infused into all aspects of our day program at DANI, since our ultimate goal is to ensure that our participants gain confidence and autonomy. 

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