Kathy Laszlo

Co-Founder, Director

Kathy is responsible for the financial well-being of the organization, and she oversees all of DANI’s programs and social enterprises.

Kathy believes in the “Hand-up, not a Hand-out” philosophy, both on an organization and individual level.

Her son, Danny, is a founding member and he is actively involved in many programs. Kathy leads DANI with passion and dedication.

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Susie Sokol


Susie exercises her creativity and educational background to implement various programs that support DANI adults and connect our families. She networks with other organizations and develops relationships with the community, as well as resources to help support our families. Susie is committed to designing a good life for our adults as a part of their community. Susie’s daughter, Talya, is a founding member and she is actively involved in many DANI programs.

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Rachel Albert

Program Coordinator

Rachel creates and implements programming, as well as works with individuals on developing and working toward their personal goals.
Rachel has used her affinity for empowering our participants to create a professional bi-weekly newsletter that gives voice to our participants and it is what the whole DANI community relies on to stay informed on all the amazing things happening here at DANI!

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Ilana Atlas

Program Coordinator

Ilana brings an energetic and fun-loving approach to working with the participants. As a certified teacher and occupational therapist, Ilana brings new ideas and perspectives to the DANI team. In addition, as a program coordinator, Ilana works with clients and their families to ensure that appropriate goals are created, and supports clients in accomplishing them. She helps to create a multi-sensory environment in which the participants can thrive.

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Tal Bar

Tal Bar

Assistant Program Director
Vocational Team Lead

Tal coordinates our partnerships with various higher education institutions, and is in charge of the co-op placement students program. As well, Tal coordinates the literacy program at DANI. In his role as a team lead, Tal oversees individual goal development and the programming delivered in the Vocational stream. Tal’s deep commitment to developing a sustainable place within the community for the people we serve  is evident by his leadership on our DANI Housing Committee that explores future housing solutions for our participants.

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Jordan Goldman

Program Director

Jordan oversees the staff and programming delivered by our staff team in our Day Program and evening recreational programs, as well as liaising and communicating with families.

Jordan’s patience and open-minded approach to problem-solving, as well as his commitment to a strengths-based model, enables the staff team to deliver creative and innovative programming.


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Anna Profile Pic

Anna Gruzman

Life Skills Team Lead

Anna oversees individual participant goal development and the programming delivered by the Life Skills Team. Anna’s passion for tapping into the creativity of our participants has led the creation of a very successful, standing room only, annual DANI Art Show which has exposed our group’s talents in area’s of visual art, music and fashion.

Anna is committed to broadening the participants’ horizons, and seeks out opportunities for participants to gain exposure to new experiences and ideas through participation in community-based events as well as programming at DANI.

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Izzy Profile Pic

Izzy Levy

Program Coordinator

Izzy creates and implements programming, as well as works with individuals on developing and working toward their personal goals.

Izzy uses his passion to implement an  interactive teaching style by providing participants with a hands-on approach to learning in a variety of subjects, as well as exploring different options for working toward individual goals.




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Stephanie Marcovitch

Executive, Corporate Relations and Social Development

Stephanie’s unique role at DANI combines her passion and commitment to community while creating successful and reciprocal partnerships. She views the world in a way that combines compassion with corporate success while integrating it with innovative Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Stephanie’s focus at DANI is to further awareness of our mission, develop dynamic partnerships and expand on the current marketing and social media ‘footprint’. Stephanie looks forward to assisting you in creating your unique DANI corporate experience.

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Orit Profile

Orit Naim-Pery

Marketing Consultant 

Orit is responsible for developing and implementing the DANI brand voice across all digital channels. Her marketing background alongside with her creativity help us to create innovative and unique ways to promote the brand through the digital media. Through social media Orit successfully promotes DANI’s upcoming events and activities while at the same time she uses the media to update all our friends and families about the amazing daily activities that are happening at DANI on a daily basis.

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Anita Miller

Anita Miller

Catering and Business Manager

Anita links her love of food with her business sense coordinating Dani Delights, one of our social enterprises.   Her organizational skills and experience in food production ensures that the needs of both participants and catering clients are met.  With an eye on high standards of both kashruth and food handling, Anita works with our professional kitchen team to create delicious, nutritious and visually appealing food that will take Dani Delights to  greater success.

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Ashleigh Molinaro

Community & Recreation Team  Lead

Ashleigh oversees many program-wide activities and projects involving the community including outings, special programs with community partners,
participant-driven fundraising and our annual DANI Theatre Production.  

Ashleigh’s drive and determination to help our participants excel has resulted in a “must see” theatre production that shines a light on our very talented community of people.


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Ash Tabak

Life and Job Coach

Ash creates and implements individualized programming that focuses on preparing participants with the concrete skills needed to live and work as independently as possible.

Ash’s dedication to creating meaningful opportunities for vocational training and community involvement, as well as his high energy approach and talent for thinking outside the box, has resulted in the development of our weekly Pop-Up Café.

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Service Dog

Kasper is our beloved companion dog who was given to us by National Service Dogs. Since joining our program in 2013, Kasper has become an important part of everyone’s lives at DANI. Kasper’s calm and approachable nature has helped participants develop their comfort level around animals and a sense of pride and responsibility in caring for him.