Kef Crew and Social program

The DANI Centre is a place to meet new friends, reconnect with old ones and create meaningful, reciprocal, and lasting relationships while engaging in group activities. The social programs emphasize personal growth and independence.
The evenings involve outings to favourite local hangouts and recreational activities, such as Dave & Busters, trampolining and offers new experiences, such as writing and recording a song, creating a dream board, spa day, and
much more!

This social program has two branches:





Kef Crew

Wednesday Kef Crew 6 PM - 8:30 PM (age 18+ open to participants, who are candidates for supported independent living, SIL)

The Kef Crew targets adults 18+, who are candidates for supported independent living, IL. A key component of the program is to learn to make decisions as a group, since everyone is actively involved in planning group activities.

Social Group

Wednesday Social Group 6 PM - 8:30 PM (age 14+ all abilities)

 This program includes recreational outings and fun social activities, while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Friends spend quality time and create lasting meaningful memories while practicing and learning social skills


Anna Gruzman
Recreational Programs Manager

Anna oversees individual participant goal development and the programming delivered by the Life Skills Team. Anna’s passion for tapping into the creativity of our participants has led the creation of a very successful, standing room only, annual DANI Art Show which has exposed our group’s talents in area’s of visual art, music and fashion.
Anna is committed to broadening the participants' horizons, and seeks out opportunities for participants to gain exposure to new experiences and ideas through participation in community-based events as well as programming at DANI.
In addition, Anna oversees and coordinates the Recreational Programs at DANI.