Community & Vocation

At DANI we recognize the importance of supporting our day program participants develop valued roles in the community. Through vocational, volunteer and other community opportunities we support individuals in using their unique strengths to make contributions in many areas of community life. With the help of many community partners, we have been able to provide vocational opportunities in restaurants, grocery stores, merchandising, pet care and our own DANI Social Enterprises. As well, participants have opportunities to have active roles in partner agencies that service seniors, children with disabilities and alleviate hunger. Community and vocational involvement is a point of emphasis for our program that not only leads to enhanced quality of life for the people we serve but also benefits the entire community through the positive contributions our participants make.



Our dedicated team works with our participants to develop educational goals based on their personal interests and aspirations. Many of our participants are meeting personal goals around literacy through both individualized and group programs. Participants also enjoy classes on a variety of subjects including: health and nutrition, internet safety, safety in the community, interpersonal skills and Jewish Torah study. Our staff works closely with our participants and their families to place them in classes that meet their individual goals.

Active Living & Recreation

At DANI we believe that being active is a key aspect of a healthy, happy life. Participants have opportunities to participate in activities such as swimming, yoga, meditation, bowling, Bocci, outdoor sports, and dance. Participants have opportunities to enjoy recreational activities at DANI such as board games, using computers and iPads, and relaxing in our Snoezelen Room.  As well, we explore recreation opportunities in the community, including monthly outings that may include museums, outdoor conservation areas, and GTA attractions.

The Arts

Amazing things happen when we nurture the creative strengths of our day program participants!  At our program, we work on two major projects that we invite the community to each year. Our Annual Theatre Production and our Annual Art Exhibition are “must see” events that illuminate the talents of DANI participants. These projects allow us to programmatically explore arts themed areas that include: Visual Art, Photography, Fashion, Costume Design, Dance, Music Composition and Drama.

Life Skills

Life Skills is a theme that threads through all of our programming. Participants have opportunities to learn and practice skills related to food preparation, site maintenance, interpersonal skills and personal responsibility. It is our intention to assist the people in our program gain confidence and competence in a wide variety of skills in order to remove any barriers towards achieving their goals and developing valued roles in the community.

Jordan Goldman
Day Program Director

Jordan oversees the staff and programming delivered by our staff team in our Day Program and evening recreational programs, as well as liaising and communicating with families. Jordan’s patience and open-minded approach to problem-solving, as well as his commitment to a strengths-based model, enables the staff team to deliver creative and innovative programming.