At DANI we know that Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Giving Programs can sometimes feel overwhelming. That is why DANI has created easy and creative ways to begin or expand your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility/Company Give Back portfolio.

These programs are unique and inclusive programs with our participants which allows companies to see immediate results as they “ GIVE US A HAND UP - NOT A HAND OUT

Here are some current ways that organizations like yours are getting involved with DANI. Click on the images below to read more:


DANI program participants come to your location and provide you with an amazing café food experience. Plus, THERE IS NO PREPARATON OR CLEAN UP FOR YOU!




● All meals are prepared fresh under the supervision of our Executive Chef to ensure freshness and quality. (COR).
● We come to your workplace fully prepared to offer you a delicious lunch while you support DANI’s programs and provide important community connections for our participants.
● All profits are used to enhance DANI programs.
● There is no obligation for your staff to buy lunch items.
● This program is eligible for tax donation receipts
● Meeting Luncheons – a delicious way of giving back to the community. We both benefit
● Whether it’s a weekly meeting, conference, off-site or team building, MEALS FOR MEETINGS is a perfect, delicious solution. ( COR)
● For customized menus and delivery options, please contact our Catering Manager. Anita





Pop up Lunch









The @DANI Venue services make your next holiday party, corporate meeting, team building or celebration a unique success.

● Our onsite services include full catering options and room design, Wi-Fi, ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, Smartboard and A/V equipment.
● With years of experience and creativity, our Catering Manager can assist you with preparing and planning any event. ( COR)
● Your employees will appreciate “giving back” to the community at the same time as enjoying your party.
● We can provide a few successful team building themes or other ideas.
● A partial Charitable Tax Receipt is available.


It’s Been Proven that Diverse Working Environments Makes for Happier More Productive Workplaces!!






  • DANI makes diversified employment opportunities easy with education, job coaches and supported off-site employment partnerships.
  • Job coaches are available to assist our participants and support a possible employment opportunity.
  • We believe in creating non-traditional and unique employment opportunities for both our participants and building our partnerships...
  • We offer;
    assistance with possible modification of the work environment supported onsite job placements, continuous employer collaborations, access to government funded hiring incentives
  • We have placed our participants placing persons in many businesses including:
    office administration, culinary/hospitality, warehousing and packaging, retail and more.













We can do it.

● Our participants have completed projects in a timely manner.
● We have completed many specific jobs for various companies.
● Whether it is material preparations, labelling products for retail or distribution, shredding documents or enveloping – DANI is able to handle both small and large projects. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and our ability to get projects done with the highest professionalism.
● You project may qualify for a tax donation receipt allowing you not only to give back to the community but receive another additional benefit to your business.


Creative Sponsorship Are One of Our Specialties!

You would be amazed by the very unique opportunities that corporations and DANI have created to have maximum and lasting impact.

  • These tailor made sponsorships are designed to integrate your corporate mission(s) and distinctive culture with DANI’s innovative programing. (Reading programs, Culinary, Vocational learning, Art/music and even horticulture just to name a few!)
  • Does your company have a passion for reading? Our skills building literacy program would be the perfect fit to showcase your organizations’ name! Are you a creative company? Our Art Program and Art Show might be a great way to “express” your desire to give back to the community. DANI’s culinary and hospitality program is a delicious way of giving a “taste” of your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. (Charitable Tax Donation Receipt eligible)
  • Whatever your company’s particular passion we can create or have a program to showcase your company!



Creative Sponsorship



  • DANI knows that companies want to get involved with the community but sometimes it is hard to commit a large amount of time to an office fundraiser.
  • Business moves at a very fast pace so we have designed some simple, sustainable and EASY ways of “giving back”. Let us help you create something that puts the “FUN” into your office FUNDRAISING. (Charitable Tax Donation Receipt eligible)
  • Some popular ideas for EASY and “FUNdraisers” – Casual Friday, Company Cookie Decorating Competition, Greenhouse Initiative and Boardroom Board-games. There are many more and we can help you to create your special program!




  • These delicious baskets are designed to delight and inform your customers/clients that community is important to you.
  • Our handmade baby blankets, bears and accessories are a one of a kind, beautiful way of letting know co-workers and friends that you are excited about their new bundle of joy!
  • In each basket there is a card letting the receiver know that your company is helping to support our organization and providing jobs and funding for young adults with autism and other disabilities. (UNDER COR)
  • DANI can incorporate your logo, company colours and those important corporate/marketing materials.





DANI offers a variety of different lunch and learns which spans many topics including:

  • “Diversity in the Workplace – HR and Employee Integration”
  • “Government Employment Incentives for Disability Hiring”
  • ” The Power of One - How one ordinary person can make a difference”
  • “Innovative and Creative Workplaces”

… and many other motivational speaking experiences.