DANI invests in mutually beneficial corporate partnerships.

Founded in 2006, DANI continues to successfully create opportunities for adults with cognitive and/or physical challenges so that they can participate fully as valued and productive members of society.

We would like to thank all of our amazing partners whose support makes an impact every single day.

DANI welcomes the opportunity to create a unique partnership with your organization, contact us HERE for more information.



TanenbaumCHAT is the coeducational Toronto Jewish community high school that offers an exciting and extensive educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. It is for Jewish families who are looking for a premier high school experience for their children. Inside this vibrant community, TanenbaumCHAT enables each student to uncover their passions and gives them the knowledge and courage to act on them.

We are thrilled to be partnered with DANI, welcoming their Pop-Up Lunch program to TanenbaumCHAT for two years now! We look forward to their professional and organized visits. Not only do our students enjoy the benefits of fresh and delicious kosher lunchtime options, but they have the unique opportunity of engaging with the DANI team for a positive and engaging learning experience. We look forward to the DANI lunch days not just for the food, but for the wonderful moments our students get to share with this incredible group of individuals


DJ Kings

The DJ Kings offers a wide range of entertainment services - From interactive DJ'S, high energy dancers, musicians, photo-booths, incredible lighting options and more. Our services are specially tailored for all your entertainment needs with a highly trained and experienced team that specialize in events like weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate and private affairs. We customize your night to your taste & budget.

Was introduced to DANI Centre by performing private events in the venue. Over time the staff have been friendly and asked for technical advice on difference projects - lending my services and experience to help out. Overtime I offered to volunteer for their popular BOP for Dani Dances that have been a huge hit with the members and volunteers. Seeing their faces and making them smile, watching them dance with their family and friends has been an incredible experience for myself and am very happy to offer my time to support such a great cause.



MEGAComfort Inc. is a cutting-edge company which offers a complete range of patented ergonomic, dual-layer 100% memory foam anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics. Our products have been clinically proven to reduce muscle fatigue and pain, while increasing comfort and the ability to balance. Our unique insoles are designed by podiatrist and MEGAComfort founder, Dr. Kevan Orvitz.

Our MEGAComfort team really enjoys and looks forward to the Pop-Up lunches provided by DANI. The menu has a good variety to choose from and the food tastes terrific (the bake goods always go first at our office). The DANI staff provides a fun atmosphere during lunch and is also a great way for us to support the local community.

We also hired DANI for a re-labelling project of 500 insoles that helped us meet our deadline on a large order. They were efficient and completed the project on time.



The National Benefit Authority is Canada’s largest service provider of the Disability Tax Credit, a disability benefit program that provides relief for those living with disabilities or medical conditions. Over 40,000 Canadians have entrusted the NBA to manage the challenging DTC application process, recovering millions in unclaimed tax credits for Canadians in need.

The National Benefit Authority is a proud partner of DANI and support its ongoing initiatives to educate and create awareness in the disability community.

The NBA’s mission and commitment to assisting Canadians with disabilities and medical conditions align seamlessly with DANI, making for a perfect partnership.

The NBA has sponsored DANI’s bus for several years, and looks forward to collaborating with the excellent staff at DANI in future endeavours.  



Stalco provides turnkey access to the Canadian marketplace by handling all aspects of logistics including; importation, customs, regulatory approvals (if required) fulfillment and shipping. 

"Working with the DANI team has been a thoroughly positive experience for everyone at Stalco. DANI day program participants join us in the Warehouse with their job coaches, where we ship over 10,000 orders per day. They work on number of light labor tasks including boxing, labelling and packaging to help us get our orders out on time. 

All of the participants have a fantastic attitude, are very hard working and are always curious around how their productivity measures up against previous weeks... We look forward to seeing them every week and are extremely happy to have as part of the extended Stalco family."



Our mission is to empower businesses to do 3 things; retain customers, upsell to existing customers, and acquire new customers. We provide merchants with all the necessary tools to run their very own loyalty program including an integrated suite of customized consumer facing technology, easy-to-use merchant tools, and automation algorithms. Our customer engagement platform is designed to be flexible and versatile. The platform is cost-effective and adaptable to any industry. TapMango helps merchants compete with larger chains by converting one-time customer purchases into profitable spending habits.

We are honoured to be partnering with such an incredible organization like DANI. We love hosting Pop-Up lunch at our office. The food is great and Ash takes care of all the details for us. Our staff were able to get a tasty and affordable lunches while also supporting an important cause and having fun with the DANI participants. 




Twins Photo & Video has been serving the Jewish community for over 25 years, providing  photographic and videographic  services. They specialize in photo and video for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events, family portraits, product shots and testimonial videos. They also transfer precious movie reels and camcorder tapes to DVD or other digital media using top of the line digital equipment. One of the twins, Andrew Laszlo has been involved with DANI from the very beginning, a board member and a volunteer since its inception

"I am very proud of being a part of DANI especially in light of their many achievements as compared to their humble beginnings." I enjoy showcasing the daily activities and achievements of the participants and covering all the Gala events. It is a pleasure to contribute my time and expertise to this amazing organization.  



ULA-Matic is a successful and rapidly growing high-tech manufacturer of automotive parts assembly machinery using cutting edge technologies. Founded in 1996, we’ve built a team of automation professionals who design and build automation equipment with exceptional innovation, value and quality.

ULA-Matic has developed systems and processes that result in improved, more efficient machinery while reducing the time from concept to production ready. At the same time, improving functionality and increasing machine life.

"Very special thanks for the fresh & delicious meals - our staff can’t get enough! It’s been great getting to know everyone at DANI, and we’re delighted to be partnering with you. Looking forward to seeing you again soon."



Canadian Viewpoint Inc. is a market research data collection company. We have over 35 years of interviewing experience successfully executing Online, CATI telephone, Mall intercept and On-site projects in Canada. CVI has been trusted by clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to local, boutique Market Research firms for their Quantitative data collection needs.

We pride ourselves on our quality assurance processes that often exceed industry standards and we are accredited Gold Seal members of the MRIA. We are also long-time members of the AMA and MRA.

"The Canadian Viewpoint team are proud to support and participate in the Pop-Up lunch program. Our team loves the visits from the participants and the delicious and convenient lunch that they bring."