DANI nurtures and provides skills training with the goal of independence. Pop-Up Lunch* is an important part of our programming and social enterprise that gives our participants a chance to learn financial, organizational and social skills while meeting community members.

The professional Pop-Up crew comes to your location, expertly set a table and sell lunch items such as soups, chili, quiche, salads, muffins/ cookies etc. All meals are prepared under the supervision of our Executive Chef to ensure freshness and quality. (COR).

By inviting us into your place of work, you get a delicious lunch while the profits are directed back into DANI’s programing. You are also providing community connections for our participants.

To discuss further, please contact Tammy Greenwald.








What is my obligation?

Try our Pop-Up lunch once. All we ask is that you share our flyer with your colleagues to notify them about the upcoming service.

 We accept cash or credit card (credit cards require a $10.00 minimum order)

How are the participants trained?

Each participant is uniquely selected by staff to make certain that there is a good fit between personality, ability and skill level. This helps to ensure a very positive and engaging experience for both the participant and the host.

Is there a minimum number of people I need to have in my office to become a host?

There is no prerequisite as to the amount of people that we require to become a host. We encourage you to call and discuss your office environment so we best accommodate your lunch time needs.

What areas do you service?

We encourage all inquiries for Pop-Up lunch and travel throughout the GTA. We consider each request and try to make Pop-Up lunch a possibility for your workplace.

How much room does the DANI Pop-Up crew need?

You may wish to use your boardroom table or lobby or we can also bring our own 6-foot table(s). We are very flexible and adapt to any work environment. From atriums to hallways, from kitchens to boardrooms we can set up anywhere.

 Do you need any special equipment or accommodations?

No. The Pop-Up crew sets the table with a unique tablecloth and brings all of the equipment needed in order for you to have a wonderful, easy experience.

Can you cater to a food allergy or specific dietary restriction?

At DANI we understand accommodations. Please let us know about any special requests or concerns you may have 2 -3 business days ahead of our visit. We pride ourselves on making sure that everyone at your office will have a safe, delicious lunch. 

We are always looking for feedback and would encourage you to share your Pop-Up experience with us.

We are ready to try the Pop-Up Lunch...what is the next step?

 We are excited to partner with you. Please contact Tammy HERE to get started.

 I am interested in knowing more about DANI and the catering options you offer?

DANI is known for its excellent customer service. We take pride in how we build long term relationships with people, companies and organizations. If you have any questions, we can be reached via the DANI website, email or by phone. A tour of our unique centre can be scheduled at your convenience. Our catering manager is available to answer any questions you may have about Pop-Up, catering or holding events at the DANI Centre.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

*Under COR, Dairy