Dani Baby Gifts and Dani Cookie Platters

Baby Gifts

If you are looking for a unique gift for newborns or premies, we have a great idea for you – DANI Bears and Dolls!

These beautiful bears and dolls are part of our volunteers’ amazing job – DANI’s volunteers have crocheted dolls and blankets and combined them with colourful and useful baby items to create attractive gifts for premies and newborns.DANI Bears

When you order from our gifts, not only will you purchase a high quality and one of a kind gift, but you will be also making a contribution to a much greater goal – supporting programs for adults with disabilities
We invite you to come and browse our gift store.


Kosher Cookie Platters for any occasion

Our irresistible homemade Kosher Cookie Platters are not only great for any occasion, but also are another unique way to support DANI Toronto programs which help adults with disabilities. Dani Cookie platters

When you order our kosher cookie platter, you enjoy twice:
1. You receive a delicious fresh cookie platter suited for any private or corporate occasion.
2. You make your contribution to a great cause, as money raised from sales is directed toward DANI Toronto programs which support adults with disabilities.

The homemade cookies (COR Pareve) are prepared and baked under the supervision of our chef, and with the help of experienced volunteer bakers and DANI participants. They are arranged on beautiful giftware platters that are available in various sizes.

Cookie platters can be purchased and delivered (additional charge applies) for any occasion (Shabbat Hospitality Gifts, holiday’s gifts, Thank You Gifts, corporate gifts). Cookies include an assortment of stuffed monkeys, lemon squares, chocolate chip, biscotti, shortbread, chocolate thumbprints, and more.