A Social Experience

The Dinner N Chillin program provides weekly opportunities for participants to socialize and interact in a group setting. On Wednesday evenings, everyone meets for dinner, where they can sit together to chat and mingle as they enjoy their meal. A key component of the Dinner N Chillin program is learning to make decisions as a group, since everyone is actively involved in planning what the group should do. Everyone has a voice in this process, and through working together, learn to cooperate and problem-solve to make a plan that works for everyone.


Part of “chillin” with their friends involves outings to some of our favourite local hangouts and recreational activities. The group may decide to visit Kosher restaurants such as Aroma for their meal or for coffee. Participants also have opportunities to try new experiences, such as taking on the challenge of an escape room, or playing games such as billiards, as well as favourites such as Dave & Busters.

Personal Development 

Our Dinner N Chillin program also emphasizes personal growth and independence through responsibilities such as preparing dinner and cleaning. Each person takes responsibility for themselves and their role in the group, and develops their communication skills and teamwork by helping to plan the outings. Speakers also visit to talk with group members about issues such as relationships, future planning, and taking responsibility.

Jordan Goldman
Program Lead

Jordan oversees the staff and programming delivered by our staff team in our Day Program and evening recreational programs, as well as liaising and communicating with families. Jordan’s patience and open-minded approach to problem-solving, as well as his commitment to a strengths-based model, enables the staff team to deliver creative and innovative programming.